Power & Utilities
Easily traverse 20cm obstacles and stairs, 30 ° slope; moves freely on ruins, piles of rubble, gravel, grass, and other complex terrains
IP66 protection, waterproof and dustproof, continuous operation in severe enviroments such as rainstorms, snow, hail, etc.
High-precision auto-navigation, auto-charge, auto data capture, data upload in real-time, realize closed-loop workflow
X20's strong expandable capabilities allow it to be equipped with various intelligent modules such as Bi-spectrum PTZ, 5G communication, robotic arm, etc
X20 quadruped robot dog
X20 Power Patrol Inspection Solution
The X20 quadruped robot dog can assist in the transformation and upgrading of traditional electric power inspection. Featuring DEEP Robotics advanced technologies, the uses of robotics X20 can help to achieve intelligent unmanned inspection, operation, and maintenance, and it helps digitally transform the development of the electric power industry. The deep robotics x20 also has a string adaptation capability to achieve rapid deployment, high-precision data acquisition, precious inspection, analysis, danger warning, and other efficient intelligent abilities to realize a closed-loop workflow.

DEEP Robotics quadruped robot dog

Easily traverse 20cm obstacles and stairs, 30 ° slope; moves freely on ruins, piles of rubble, gravel, grass, and other complex terrains
IP66 protection, waterproof and dustproof, continuous operation in severe environments such as rainstorms, snow, hail, etc.
Strong adaptation
It can equip multiple rescue-supporting modules such as panoramic camera, gas sensor, robotic arm, life detector, communication & positioning module, etc
Intelligent AI algorithm for dynamic obstacle avoidance, omnidirectional visible light, thermal imaging, toxic gas sensing, and terrain detection; rapidly detect hazard situations
X20 quadruped robot dog
X20 Hazard Detection Rescue Solution
The X20 quadruped robot dog by DEEP Robotics can go into toxic, hypoxia, collapses, and other post-disaster areas for detection rescue missions for firefighters; With the uses of robotics X20, it can dive deep into severe environments to operate omnidirectional object scouting, toxic gas sensing, and also transport rescue materials and equipment to assist in rescue missions.
Fully unmanned autonomous inspection, improve efficiency by completing tasks in a short time
Capture abnormal details in the environment through sensing instruments and camera equipment, and timely feedback and alarm
Low risk
Avoid workers physical contact with high-risk areas and improve work safety
X20 quadruped robot dog
X20 Tunnel Patrol Inspection Solution
The X20 quadruped robot dog is capble of Unmanned autonomous inspection in complex terrains of underground cable tunnel. Prevent manned errors in traditional inspection, and improve the efficiency of monitoring devices' status; smart detection to unusual situations, reduce inspection cost and improve overall efficiency.
Metal & Mining
Reduce risk
It can replace the traditional patrol inspectors to go deep into the narrow pipeline, easily pass through the complex industrial structure, and reduce the exposure of patrol inspectors to potential hazards
High precision control
Remoted sharing function and intelligent patrol inspection platform to remote control or autonomous inspection regarding inspection requirements, which can greatly reduce labor costs
Provide high-precision data for abnormal state diagnosis and reduce human error through visualization and perception module
X20 quadruped robot dog
X20 Metal & Mining Solution
Unmanned patrol surveying in complex environments such as narrow spaces, heavy dust, muddy and slippery roads, multi-pipe cables, and obstacles, can greatly reduce the risk of manual patrol inspection. X20 can work in all weather which can improve the efficiency and productivity of patrol inspection, and prevents equipment failures ahead of time; Also, X20 can continuously collect data, go deep into blind spots, and generate data analysis report to support experts making faster responses to reduce the occurrence of accidents.
Reduce risk
It can survey in construction area for workers, and keep them out of severe working conditions for health and safety
Smart remote
The surveying and mapping work can be completed from distance through the intelligent remoted platform, to realize surveying and mapping at multiple points at the same time which shortens the working hours and improve efficiency
High-precision mapping
Through the high-precision three-dimensional scanner and sensor, combined with the global satellite navigation system, the mapping task is automatically completed through the preset path, reducing omissions and improving accuracy
X20 quadruped robot dog
X20 On-Site Data Capture Solution
Carry out auxiliary surveying and mapping for complex surveying environment, combine AI intelligent algorithm and its excellent obstacle avoidance function, automatically perform multiple complex and repetitive tasks such as on-site scanning, surveying and mapping, project progress monitoring, etc. according to the task path, and obtain more accurate surveying and mapping results through data processing and analysis, greatly improve efficiency and reduce safety risks.
A better understanding of related contents by using real robots helps in-depth research in robotics
Stimulate the initiative and creativity in the process of exploration and research; Practical examination with robots and knowledge to expand more cool functions
Provide customizable interface for various needs to enlarge application research possibilities
Lite3 quadruped robot dog
Lite3 Academic Research
The Lite3 has open modular structure and interfaces, which support RTK,5G AI computer, edge processor, and sensors. The advanced perception interface (SDK, API) for connecting with LiDAR and depth camera to realize in-depth development of advanced perceptional capabilities such as auto-navigation, auto-stopping, obstacle avoidance, visual positioning, and 3D mapping. Those can be applied to teaching, scientific research and robotic competition.
Factory inspection
Able to work 24/7, collect a large number of data and quickly transmit to the data center, reduce downtime and improve efficiency
With high-precision inspection modules. It can monitor temperature, pressure, humidity, and other variables, which can detect problems that manual inspection often missed out
Carry out automatic patrol inspection through visual module and sensor, monitor the condition of the production line at any time, send an alarm for abnormal conditions, help the workers deal with problems in time and avoid corresponding losses
X20 quadruped robot dog
X20 Factory Inspection Solution
Fully automatic patrol inspections can be carried out in toxic and harmful environments with high temperatures or high pressure to reduce personnel safety threats, reduce labor costs and reduce human error; The intelligent patrol module and technology can be used to collect detailed data and transmit it to the data center for analysis.