Emergency Mission 2024: DEEP Robotics' Robot Dog Scouts for Fire and Explosion Hazards
Date: 2024-05-31

Recently, Zhejiang Province in east China carried out a comprehensive emergency response drill "Emergency Mission 2024" to strengthen its capabilities in responding to natural disasters. During this drill, a certain fire brigade collaborated with DEEP Robotics to provide a "quadruped robot hazard rescue solution." The robot dog, in coordination with drones, successfully completed the task of scouting for chemical explosion hazards.


Quadruped robots possess superior terrain adaptability. In the "Emergency Mission 2024" drill, the DEEP Robotics X30 robot dog was able to quickly traverse complex terrains and reach disaster sites promptly.



At the drill site, heavy rain caused severe flooding, leading to a factory explosion that ignited a warehouse containing oil and hazardous chemicals. The fire spread, threatening major hazardous chemical sources within the factory. The robot dog, in collaboration with drones, conducted comprehensive detection. Equipped with a dual-lens gimbal and gas detectors, it gathered crucial information on fire temperature, radiant heat intensity, toxic and harmful gases, and obstacles, providing valuable data to rescue personnel.

DEEP Robotics is a leader in the innovation and application of embodied intelligence technology, being the first in the world to achieve collaborative search and rescue with robot dog clusters. In 2022, DEEP Robotics developed the "quadruped robot hazard rescue solution," which integrates hazard detection modules for flexible unmanned detection and search and rescue operations in post-earthquake rubble, indoor areas of collapsing buildings, tunnel traffic accidents, chemical pollution, and harsh environments such as toxic, hypoxic, and smoke-filled conditions following fires.


The DEEP Robotics X30 robot dog, the core of the solution, weighs 50 kilograms and can carry up to 85 kilograms under extreme conditions. It is IP67 rated for water and dust resistance and can operate in temperatures ranging from -20°C to 55°C, making it reliable in extreme cold and heat, as well as adverse weather conditions. In emergency rescue and detection missions, time is of the essence. The X30 robot dog’s unique fusion perception capability enables it to act swiftly even in the dark.

It is reported that DEEP Robotics is advancing the "AI+ Plan" in a new round of technological innovation. By using new AI and software systems, along with extensive data, the robot dogs undergo self-learning training, breaking the limitations of traditional models and achieving extreme motion capabilities in complex and harsh environments. In the future, the "AI+ Plan" will also extend to perception, planning, decision-making, and human-machine interaction capabilities.

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