Ignite the vigorous power of Intelligent agents, DEEP Robotics releases robot-specific joints
Date: 2024-04-20

DEEP Robotics has released the lightweight, high-performance robot joint J60 series.

High-performance joints are the core power of humanoid robots, providing the foundation for a robots mobility and flexibility. DEEP Robotics’ J60 joints can meet the development needs of various forms of robots, especially quadruped robots represented by humanoid robots, providing the most critical core components for embodied intelligent agents and artificial intelligence + robots. They also support diverse needs such as scientific research and education, robot competitions, and  DIY projects.


J60 joints have been widely used in DEEP Robotics’ Lite3 quadruped robot. With AI+ software systems and intelligent learning training, the powerful performance of the J60 joints allows the Lite3 to easily perform high difficulty and high-intensity movements like parkour, off-road, and climbing over ruins. The Lite3 has been widely recognized in the global market and has been sold to universities and companies in more than ten countries including North America, Western Europe, Japan, South Korea, and the Middle East.


Outstanding Performance: J60 joint provides excellent torque performance at the same weight level, with a maximum torque-to-weight ratio of up to 56.48Nm/kg (J60-10), providing powerful power support for robots.


Reliable and Durable Feature: Suitable for various usage demands such as quadruped robot model control and learning control, it has been produced and applied to mature products like Lite3 quadruped robot.


Integrated Design: J60 joint integrates a reducer, frameless torque motor, servo driver, and absolute value encoder into one, with a compact structure and convenient installation.


 Status Detection and Protection: J60 robot joint is equipped with a built-in driver and motor temperature detection and protection system. This system monitors input current and voltage in real-time to ensure safer operation safer.

 Debugging and Development Kit: J60 robot joints are equipped with both serial port and CAN communication interfaces. They include visual joint debugging software that supports both CAN and serial port communication and is compatible with Windows and Linux systems. Additionally, they provide a CAN communication protocol and a C-based SDK with use routines that support Linux system. 


Hangzhou DEEP Robotics is a global pioneer in the development of quadruped robot industrial applications, and the first company to realize fully autonomous inspection with quadruped robots in China. The founding team members, from Zhejiang University has over 10 years of R&D experience in quadruped robots and is an international leader in the fields of quadrupedal robotic core components, system development, advanced motion control algorithms, intelligent environment perception, and AI algorithms.

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Ignite the vigorous power of Intelligent agents, DEEP Robotics releases robot-specific joints
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